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Web hosting is a type of internet hosting that allows individuals and organizations to provide their own websites accessible through the World Wide Web. Read more...

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Welcome to Web Hosting Information - your comprehensive affordable web hosting resource.

Below, you'll find extensive information on leading affordable web hosting articles or inexpensive web hosting articles to help you on your way to success.

How To Find Inexpensive Web Hosting For Your Website

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Nowadays inexpensive web hosting is very crucial to the online success of any website. Different companies offer hosting accounts for different applications with different features and it is not easy to compare an apple to a carrot choosing a good host becomes rather difficult. Some hosting offers may look inexpensive at the first instance but actually when you go for them you will find either the server downtime is more than acceptable, email accounts do not work properly, cgi-bin is not there, you needed a PHP host and it turns out be a ASP host or any similar issues.

To avoid these kinds of mishaps you need to know certain things about the right web hosting. A reasonably priced affordable hosting package costs about $ 7 to $ 12 per month. When you are selecting a host for your website you should take in consideration various factors. If you miss something thing that was required you will have to move to another host later on leading to wastage of time and money. So take a wise decision at the first instance and you will find that hosting your domain or domains is really cheap. Ask yourself a few questions before deciding you hosting server.

1. Number of Domains: If you want to host more than one domain, your hosting package should allow that number of domains. Generally having an additional hosting account for each new domain you host is expensive. Some hosting companies offer free domain name with hosting package which means a free domain name registration with hosting package is provided.
2. Unlimited Emails Accounts: How many email accounts will you need? Many hosting services allow unlimited email accounts. The host should not have a reputation of having long queues for the emails. This generally happens if the hosting server is being used for bulk mailing.
3. Web Space: How much space you need to host all your web pages and database. Generally 250 MB is sufficient for a medium sized website. However most of the hosts give you web space in the range of 1GB-500GB.
4. frontpage hosting: Is your website HTML based? You need to check out if it supports FrontPage extensions.
5. PHP/ MySQL or ASP/ MS SQL support: Are you using any of the ASP, PHP shopping carts or custom build website using any of these languages? For a PHP website you should take a php hosting or mysql hosting package. The server should offer support for PHP preferably the latest version. For an ASP based website the server should support ASP. Does your website need a database? If yes which one? For a PHP website in most cases the database is MySQL and for a ASP website the database is MS SQL.
6. Unlimited Subdomains: It is good to have a hosting package that supports unlimited sub domains. Sub domains are useful in organizing and optimizing your site.
7. cgi bin:Does your website offer cgi bin for the various domains that you host?
8. ftp hosting: FTP access is very important as well. It allows you to upload and download files to and from your host without logging into control panel. Also ftp access can be given for specific folders allowing easier division of work among people who work on the website.
9. Cpanel or Plesk control Panel: Web hosting control panel allows you to manage features of your hosting account. Creating FTP accounts, email accounts, databases etc. Cpanel hosting is most common.

10. Customer support: How quickly the customer responds to trouble tickets? Is a tech support phone number available? Before buying a hosting package try sending a general enquiry and see the response time. It is not necessary that they will respond as quickly once you become their customer but it certainly gives an idea.
11. Other Software: You may be interested in free shopping cart, word press. Site builders, templates, forum software that many of hosting packages offer.
12. secure server capabilities: If you setup a shopping cart and people pay by credit cards you need this to avoid unauthorized interception.
13. FAST servers: The quickest way to lose visitors -- and therefore customers -- is to make them wait too long for your web page to load! Your host should have at least a T3 connection to the major Internet backones.
14. server logs: Your hosting control panel should provide you access to logs in order to analyze your web site traffic. This will help you to optimize the website and get an idea how your website is doing.

THL Interactive offers inexpensive hosting for business and personal website with a wide range of features and softwares at an affordable price. Check out the various hosting plans offered by THL Interactive an affordable web hosting and online services company at www.tlhinteractive.com. In addition the customized web design and website marketing services are also provided at a small additional price.

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Internet Security How To Protect Your Pc From Online Threats


Internet becomes popular and popular these days but do you aware your computers are very insecure when you are surfing internet and checking your email?

In this article, we will give you 7 easy steps on "how to protect your PC from online threat" these days.

Step 1: Get the latest free anti-virus, personal firewall and anti-spam software and manually update the programs!

These are most easy way to protect your computer from being infected by virus or trojan horses attack. However, users usually overlooked of getting the latest patch of their anti-virus or personal firewall versions!

"Are they automatically updated to the newest version?" This was a client asked me back in 2004. Well, yes they do. But only within their license period. personal firewall programs will automatically update within their license periods usually one year. One typical example is Symantec Norton Anti-Virus 200x where x is a number from 0-9.

It does automatically update within the first, perhaps, 9 months after your initial purchase but when it s approaching to your 1 year term, the software suddenly couldn t update itself. (May be, it is a marketing strategy to remind its users, the license is going to expire!) And users often forget to manual update so what will happen after all? Left their computers vulnerable to viruses or trojan horses attack!

Thus, please manually update in a regular basis (once a week) by manually press the update button on your anti-virus program.

Step 2: Get the latest patch of your windows.

Get your latest patch of windows system! And not wait for tomorrow or next year!

Computer users always ignore this is vital step to stop their computers are being hacked or being tools to spread computer viruses around. They usually think install an anti virus or personal firewall software is enough. Well, yes anti-virus or personal firewall programs do have some protection on computers but the main problems are Windows are always buggy and security updates or patches often take 6 months to 1 year to launch which already reported may be 6 months ago in anti-virus giants such as Symantec or McAfee websites.

Therefore, you should get the latest fixes of your windows! How? One easy way is to use the automatic update function found in control panel menu. Go to Start -> control panel -> automatic update on your Windows XP and make sure your automatic box is checked and set up check for updated daily and you are done!

Step 3: Stay alert

Why you should stay alert? When come to computer security you may be the first person to notice in your office that in a computer virus outbreak is going to begin.
e.g. iloveyou email virus in year 2000 and codeRed in year 2004. Your computer technician may be the last one to notice. Therefore you should work with computer technician and seek advice when you saw something wired on your computer is happening.

Step 4: Never ever join computer software, MP3 sites that allow unlimited download for life time or whatsoever.

Recently, I found some websites that claim to have life time membership on downloading unlimited software or movies and mp3. At a glance it was a crappy website and I don t bother to look at it. Because I thought it was some kind of web site which s providing software crack codes. As I read further I found they are using click bank as their provider! Well, as some of you already know click bank is a pretty well known in internet marketing such as affiliate programs so I joined because I have unlimited download of software that I want to use. Thus I pull my credit card out and fill all the required information and off I go. I accessed the website.

After I logged in, they gave me a program to download so I did download the program but what I am after isn t there. Therefore I opened up the program that I d just downloaded and tried to search by typing in software name that I am after in the search box. After that, I saw a bunch of cracks files or crack codes related to that software on different computers. What does that mean? It means it is a file sharing software. It doesn t really provide the software, you may say it is a member site that allow access to others members computer for file sharing. To me it is a scam. Because they don t provide information on they don t actually provide the software but you can find it on their members computers! But how they can force their members not to share programs that are not owned by their members? It is same sort of controversy back to days of the favorite MP3 sharing website called Napster.

Thus don t join this kind of website, personally I think they are rubbish and completely waste of money.

Step 5:Don t use BT (for those of you don t know what it is, don t worry. Just skip to step 6. For those who know please read on.

BT generally is a good idea because it saves time to download a big file when internet connections are slow. However, some people out there tried to use for illegal purposes such as copyright infringed mp3, computer software, movies sharing and so on.
Often these pieces of mp3, movies or computer software are provided in zip, rar format to save some space and speed. But again, you don t know what pieces of software are bundled in these zips or rars files. It may be computer viruses, trojan horses or a key logger which basically can log everything you typed on your keyword and then send a report to their owners or people who let your download their software or media. Which means your password, username and other personal information may be revealed by another person that you don t know. Therefore, next time when you see a BT site, stay away from it. (Unless it is some well established site like Open Office (software like MS office or World of War Craft, online massive multi-players role playing games)

Step 6: Never download software from crack, warez sort of sites.

Don t ever never try to find crack of some popular software like WinZip, WinRAR, Dreamweaver, Norton Anti-virus and so on and so forth. Why? Because, again you never know what is the file downloaded contains virus or trojan horse or keylogger.

Well, these often heard by someone who s seeking Free version of popular software like those ones listed above. My computer was infected by virus and it becomes uncleanable!

So stop looking these Free resources and instead try to look for open source alternatives like FileZilla (a ftp program like cuteFTP or WsFTP), Open Office as opposed to Microsoft Office, kompozer as opposed to Dreamweaver or front page.

Most open source software are free and they do have bug fixes, so for your own computer s security sake, use open source software if you are seeking cheap alternatives.

Step 7: Always back up important files

What if your computer is infected by a virus or being hacked and become non-usable?

The quickest way often is to re-format your computer hard drive and reinstall Windows XP when it becomes non-usable or simply non-controllable. But before you are a hit by such a situation, make sure you always have up to date important documents or files back up. You can either back them up on your company s file server, your USB flash drive, diskette or CD/DVD ROMs

With today USB flash drive, CD/DVD ROMS are being so cheap you don t have any reasons on why you re not doing it!

In conclusion,

Computer security is not as hard as you might think, you just basically have to follow the basic instruction in this article and you re done!

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By: proson cheng

Article Directory : http://www.articledashboard.com

About the author: Proson Cheng was a computer network and system engineer who has 3+ years experience in outsource supporting multi-national companies such as Cosmopolitan Hong Kong, Leigh & Orange Architect firm just to (name a few), on computer networking and system issues. He also is founder of leading affordable web hosting in Hong Kong. Please visit us and link to your website if you found our information is useful.

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