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Web Hosting Is Vital For A Business Website
The first requirement of going into business over the Internet is finding a web host for your website. You may find yourself with a very large number of available offers from which to choose, but Read more...

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One of the greatest challenges for companies in todays wired world is how to bring their products and services into the realm of the internet through e-commerce. It not only allows them the benefit of faster interaction with customers but also provides an additional way to market and advertise. Support is also simplified due to the ease by which it could be provided through on-line tutorials, on-line help and other on-line publication that could provide more extensive up to date documentation of products. The amount of savings in terms of manpower and training along with the necessary equipment and software to develop e-commerce systems is prohibitive which tends to steer most away from e-commerce. On alternative to this problem is on-line hosting which could lessen investment on development and implementation. It takes away much of the costs associated with software and hardware development and maintenance. It also lessens if not totally eliminates the need to re-train or worst hire dedicated personnel to develop, implement and maintain the software and hardware once it is in use. Many firms could be found online through the internet, who offer such hosting services that could be availed of for through many different packages types and services.

These companies offer the convenience of e-commerce without having to invest in the necessary hardware and software along with training and personnel related costs. In providing these services they allow customers to focus more on running their businesses and improving products. The firm handles most of the support and maintenance of your web page as your requirements evolve and change. They offer and guarantee a 99.9% system uptime with respect to network and offers 24/7 FTP accessibility. They provide lighting fast networking with high reliability that gives you the edge with your e-commerce applications. Their system is easily configured through a control panel that allows easy e-mail management and monitoring through the use of URCHIN-5 monitor that analyzes and tracks in real time web usage.

Hosting product packages of some offer 15,000 MB of disk space, 250 GB bandwidth, cPanel Pro/+23 language support and utilizes Fantastico deluxe. This service is possible with the utilization of Dual core Opteron servers that is contained within rock-solid data centers within the continental US providing the reliability and supportability. This gives way to faster return on investment on their move to develop an e-commerce system for their products. Also their huge focus on support allows them to work with clients as partners rather than the normal company-client relationship which tends to take away the human factor lessening development of business relations. Some firms also offer Turbo or High Assurance Secure SSL Certificates at low prices, not only protects your customers information as it travels through the internet. It uses 256-key encryption, which is considered to be one of the most robust among encryption standards to date giving unsurpassed security and integrity. It is recognized by browsers 99.9% of the times and has a limited warranty along with a seal on your site that tells clients of the measures you take to protect the information that is sent through your Web Site. Most offer refund options with money back guarantees that give you the security of non-satisfactory services if you so decide.

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Types Of Web Hosting Server

Web Hosting empowers sharing information, selling products and services, and interacting with people through a web site, so, a reliable Web Hosting Service that gives fast loading, 24/7 tech support, client owned domain name, minimum 20MB - 50MB server space, back-up system, Unlimited free access via FTP/Telnet, email accounts, Easy access to log files should be chosen.

Web hosting platform should be selected according to required operating system (unix or windows) depending on the website functionality. Unix/Linux based hosts provide PHP, Perl/CGI, FrontPage, and very limited ASP functionality. If running an Application that requires ASP, .NET, MS SQL, SBS or Access, the need will be for a Windows based web host; usually a little more expensive.

Types of web hosting server that can be selected:

Shared Web Hosting -
One server (CPU time, memory, OS, applications, bandwidth, etc) is shared with a number of clients of the hosting company. Usually, this is the cheapest web hosting solution, good for small to medium size sites.

Dedicated Web Hosting -
Hosting solution especially attractive for large high-traffic websites, custom development projects creating complex web based applications, and web sites that require a high degree of uptime and total control of the hosting environment.

Managed Hosting -
It takes the dedicated web hosting features and adds extra services from technical point of view. More expensive than dedicated hosting, as it can be difficult to operate technically and requires certain knowledge about server maintenance and system administration.

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) -
Very attractive hosting solution for web hosting clients who would like features of dedicated server on a smaller scale in cheaper rates. The resources are setup in such a way that each person in spite of sharing CPU, memory, and bandwidth, are allocated their own file system. It is safer than sharing, if a website on the server is hacked; the hackers will only have access to that particular file system and would not harm the other Websites. It is cheaper than dedicated hosting, more expensive than shared.

Co-located Hosting -

Allows complete control of the server and its resources. Allows its clients to use customized hardware and software for hosting Usually the most expensive hosting solution.web hosting server

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